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Hotel supplies are the general name of all kinds of appliances and articles required in the production and operation of the hotel (including restaurant supplies, kitchen appliances, room bedding, lobby supplies, room Disposable product, bar coffee supplies, cleaning supplies, cleaning agents, hotel staff uniforms, daily sundries, etc.).
Characteristics of hotel supplies:
1. The industry involved is diverse and diverse in variety;
2. Pay attention to styling and appearance craftsmanship, which is relatively fashionable and beautiful;
3. Easy to use, convenient, adaptable (no need for professional operation), and highly mobile;
4. No accessories provided and maintenance services provided (a few kitchen equipment comes with maintenance services);
5. Most of these products are consumables and cannot be used as fixed assets;
6. Generally, small objects that are not fixed for use in buildings.
Hotel supplies and equipment are two essential hardware components in the production and operation process of hotels. In the past, the hotel service industry belonged to the traditional manual service industry, and more technology and skills were passed down through mentorship. During the operation process, simple and convenient tools and tools are also used to assist. Therefore, more hotel supplies are used. With the development of the economy and society, mechanical, electrical, electronic and other equipment gradually enter the hotel production and service process, resulting in a significant improvement in work efficiency and more stable product quality. Hotel equipment has gradually become a major part, alongside hotel supplies, becoming a part of hotel hardware. Hotel supplies - basic requirements: The basic equipment in the hotel room includes a bed, wardrobe, coffee table, and generally includes a phone, TV, and alarm clock; And there is a mini bar, which contains various drinks, alcoholic beverages, and snacks, all of which are charged and paid at checkout.
The basic facilities of a hotel determine its reception capacity and conditions, and the standard and quantity of hotel facilities determine the level of the hotel. Regardless of the level of the hotel, its basic facilities should have the following aspects:
Front desk facilities
Having front desk reception conditions that are suitable for the size and standards of the hotel. This includes the front desk reception hall, general service desk (including reception, inquiry, and cashier), business center, valuable item storage, and lobby assistant manager reception.
Guest room facilities
The hotel has room facilities suitable for the scale and standard of the hotel, including single room, standard room, luxury suite, Presidential suite, etc.
The guest rooms should be equipped with guest facilities corresponding to the hotel's star rating standards, such as a dressing table (or writing desk), wardrobe, bed (soft mattress), chairs, sofas, bedside control cabinets, and other supporting furniture; Each guest room has a separate bathroom, which is generally equipped with a sitting toilet, a vanity (equipped with a sink and vanity mirror), and hot and cold water facilities (including a bathtub with a nozzle and shower curtains); Each guest room has split air conditioning or central air conditioning that can ensure or regulate temperature; Each room is equipped with a telephone, which can be directly dialed or connected to domestic or International call through the switchboard; Each guest room is equipped with a television and audio equipment; Each room is equipped with a certain amount of cultural items, such as stationery, envelopes, postcards, city maps, sewing bags, and hotel service guides; Each guest room is also equipped with a certain amount of hygiene supplies, such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, hair conditioner or conditioner

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