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Hotel supplies 4 knowledge: the Duvet cannot be squeezed, and the silk quilt must not be exposed to the sun!

The weather is gradually starting to change seasons, although the temperature may fluctuate between cold and hot, it is also necessary to prepare in advance for the storage during the change season. The storage of winter bedding is even more important. If the storage and organization method is not correct, be careful not to shorten the lifespan of the quilt. The following four common knowledge for storing winter bedding must be remembered. 1、 The Duvet can be exposed to the sun and cannot be washed Many people's favorite Duvet in winter should not be washed with water before storage. Washing will damage the down. If you want to clean it, you should give it to professional dry cleaning. Before storing the Duvet, it can be exposed to the sun, because it can increase the warmth and softness of the Duvet. On average, it can be stored after being exposed to the sun for 2-3 hours on both sides. 2、 Duvet can not be compressed in vacuum Before the Duvet is stored, it needs to be dried in the shade, or use a Dehumidifier to remove the humidifier, and then never use a vacuum compression bag, because it may break the down and affect the Fill power and warmth of the down. 3、 Wool should not be washed with water, and caution should be taken when exposed to sunlight Wool blankets cannot be washed or dried with water, as it may cause shrinkage and felting, damaging the scales of the wool and making it unable to keep warm. If you want to store it, you can first expose it to sunlight, but it only takes 1-2 hours, and excessive exposure is not allowed. 4、 Silk should not be exposed to sunlight or compressed before storage Because silk is a protein fiber, it should be avoided from direct sunlight exposure to prevent high temperatures from damaging the fiber structure and causing silk breakage. Before storage, dehumidification should be done first, and compressed bags should also be avoided to avoid silk breakage.


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