7 tips for staying in hotels


2018-01-29 15:39

7 tips for staying in hotels
Sometimes when traveling, I like to sit on the beach and read books that introduce local tourist information. I believe other travelers will do the same. I not only want to know the activities and attractions of the destination, but also plan my journey. 
Let guests know what products and services your hotel offers, and what fun things are in the surrounding area to make you stand out from the competition, especially when they cannot get these activities or services elsewhere.
What to introduce to guests?
Do n’t always think that your potential guests will know the products or services you provide. Just like a travel agency, let customers know the products and services you provide before they arrive, rather than relying on your hotel ’s promotional leaflet or brochure.
Establish contact with the local tourism department to ensure that the information you provide is updated in a timely manner. What activities can you participate in every day, such as attractions, theme parks, museums and places of interest? What are the local festivals, markets or events? What outdoor activities attract your target consumers: attractions, hiking, gardens, and wild adventures?
Although the main attractions are important, they mark some activities that guests cannot find in the travel guide. These little things can make the guest's stay experience more unique.
Don't forget to tell your guests about the activities organized by the hotel. If your hotel is in a special climate zone, guests spend most of their time in the hotel, let them know all the indoor activities you provide, so they do n’t have to think about what to do on a cold and humid night.
Focus on the things that guests are most interested in
There may be many potential activities, but you only need to pay attention to the activities that are most interesting to the guests. And what are the activities that guests are interested in? Get feedback from existing guests. What will they do during their stay? What do they like? Where do they think the money is most worth it? What prompted them to choose your hotel? What are the potential reasons why they like to stay in your hotel? How would they recommend your hotel to friends or family?
To facilitate the choice of guests
Letting guests know that the event is one thing, and letting them make choices is another. Let guests know some facts: such as distance, how to get there, and opening hours of activities. Provide guests with relevant contact information or website links (often test this information for timely updates), some activities need to be booked in advance, can you help guests arrange these activities?
As much as possible for guests to participate in certain activities, if guests like hiking, can you provide some equipment to dry or dry their wet boots? If you arrange fishing activities, can you help them obtain licenses and fishing tools? If it is difficult to go to certain places, how would you help guests get there?
Work with local businesses
If a location, an event or a scenic spot will bring you consumers, take the initiative to establish a partnership with the organization that organizes guests. Invite them and know what kind of products or services you should provide so that they can sell your products and services to their guests and vice versa.
See if you can cooperate to launch some product packaging services or promotions? This brings great value to your guests. Or let partners become sponsors of the events you organize? These cooperation channels can create opportunities for cross-selling between you.
Add emotional color to the activity description
Do n’t just simply copy the event content or attraction information on the leaflet, add your own emotional color, and make them fresh. Point out your favorite hiking or adventure routes, leisure places, etc. Everyone loves to listen to stories, so let your own experience speak.
Encourage your team to share what they like to do and where they like to go. This is not only more personal, but also closes the distance between guests and your team.
If you need to provide information about activities you are not interested in, find an interested person to write. If there is a local racetrack, and you hate horse racing, find an interested person to write anecdotes about horse racing.
However, don't forget to add what guests have done during their stay at the hotel.
Repeatedly promote these activities
Provide as much information as possible on your website, including pictures and videos, but don't stop there. Your personal story is the best content material for blogs and emails, and provides some good topics for users to download for free, making potential guests willing to join your email receiving list.
Reply to the confirmation email in a personalized way, introduce guests to the event information during the stay (remind them if they need to make a reservation), and ensure that they can get enough information at check-in, including local maps, opening hours of related events and updated Bus schedules or travel arrangements, etc.
Update information in time
There is nothing worse than seeing an event ad that happened six months ago on a hotel website. The schedule of various activities should be updated in real time, which requires the participation of your team. According to the interests and hobbies of team members, set up "Championship Awards" for different activities, because the things you are interested in can more attract your attention.
You should also keep abreast of the hot topics in the media and the major events that may occur in the local area. For example, when I was writing this article, HighclereCastle in Berkshire, England was called the most expensive country house in the world. What are your local headlines?
On the contrary, if your hotel consumers want to avoid taking the mass route, you have to work from the opposite perspective.
Therefore, whether your customers are business or leisure guests, give consumers a compelling reason for them to choose you, that is, let them know what they can do during your hotel stay; Provide convenience, which not only attracts repeat customers, but also brings more recommendations

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